Scream When You Burn

by Short Fuse Burning

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released September 10, 2009

Recorded and mixed by Sean Cahalin
Artwork by Ken Stewart



all rights reserved


Short Fuse Burning Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: All Closed Up
Those doors have closed down once again
Stop signs mark all the streets
But this time we feel just right
Maybe we'll start a war and fuck it up.
Track Name: Anchor
Take a breath, one step back
Your eyes are filling up with every bit of life left in you
Our lives have changed

This ship is sinking
With anchors tied to our feet
But dont stop breathing
We'll know when we're....
We'll know when we're beat
And this isn't it

Now I'm chewing razors
So I can remember
What a smile looks like on my face
Now I'm seeing strangers
In a place that I remember
As something to hold me up
To keep me from throwing away
That last shred of hope

(This isn't it, this isn't it)
Don't stop breathing
(This isn't it, this isn't it)
We'll know when we're beat
Track Name: Rusty Scissors
We're hanging by a thread now
you've got some rusty scissors
Take some time to think before
your eyes get any bigger.
You have a way of hiding the dirt
under your nails.
I was there when you started
I was there when you failed

The weathers changing
you're not the only one that's freezing
It's funny how you think that when you turn
your back everything behind you

Careful with what you say cause your words are a long road
Put your promise where your mouth is, just don't choke
when its too hard to swallow

I was there when you started
I was there when you failed
Track Name: War
The water drips from faucets unkempt
War like cracks consume the drywall
Those days are over but we remain this way
Just like when we waged those wars
What am I doing here?

Your words were sharp knives in my back
That penetrated my heart
Those days are over but we remain this way
Just like when we waged those wars

The magic is gone
The water has washed our tears away
Hate still lingers over my head.
The magic is gone
The water has washed our footprints away
You were my breath and body
You were my heart and soul.
Track Name: Disappearing Act
Why are you hiding across the town line?
Your distance comply's with my thoughts.
What of what we shared?
Do you even care?

Your dark words carried weight
And I see your pale face in the mirror
Your features haven't changed.

Your dark words burned through me
But i still feel the same.
I'll wait while you hide and I'll be fine.
Track Name: The Death Of Me
My mouth spits red blood
My insides are burning
But there's time to cling to hope
The sounds are alarming
Machine clicks consume my ears
Am I going to die?

No I wont die
I wont scream
I wont give in a god damn bit
This car is alive with my screams
Can you save me from this wreck I'm in?

Take me back from all the chaos
Grip the steering wheel as I slip
Deeper into comatose.
Deeper into it.

In this care I saw my soul, my life, my death
And now I become part of it.
Track Name: One Last Look
Look at how things are for you now
Back to where they used to be
Back to your failures somehow
You don't know but you're about to take one last look at me.

I have a funny idea, darling.
Let's keep this right here drowning.

This is a blind man's fight
Stabbed in the back and robbed of my sight
Chances are you wont know I left
But don't cry when I go.

These walls are trapping me here
It's been so long since you broke them down
(I need you now, I need you now)

Take that smile off your face
Go ahead leave no trace
I don't need anything
(I don't need anything)
Don't need to remember
Our lives last December
Even though i do.
Track Name: Friends and Family
Tonight I'm going to try
To figure out just who I am
My life's so full of anger
It's filling up my veins
And I need some change.

Father can you show me what it takes to be a man?
Can you hold me the entire time
Until i get my footing right?

Tonight I'm going to change
So change with me, it's what I need
The support from my friends
Until the end of our lives.

So sorry my friends and family
I've been let down
I need some change
Better days, days moves slowly.